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Managing the sales pipeline well is key for feeling more organized and being in control of your organization’s sales figures. CorporateStack will help your organization improve its sales performance.

CorporateStack CRM is built to accomodate organizations with different needs to help them operate their business effectively. You can create multiple teams and separate them from each other. This enables organizations to use CorporateStack for different business lines and different sales departments within the same organization.



Create and manage your leads in an efficient and easy way. With the lead scoring, custom stages, sharing and notifications options, you will get full control over your leads.

CorporateStack Web-To-Lead: a ready-made API that will help you drive all requests from your existing website to your Leads module. You can create email templates to reply to your visitors based on their interests.


Manage your sales pipeline using one of the most trusted business tools in the market. Collaborate with your sales team by delegating access to certain opportunities.


Create, print and send rich quotations with full control on the look and feel of the generated quotation. You can create multiple revisions, set the required approval workflow and enable SMS and email notifications.

Customers & Contacts

Maintain all your customers' information including documents, notes, and tasks

Sales Orders & Invoices

Manage your sales orders and invoices to complement your sales cycle

Payments & Receivables

Track your payments in a timely manner and get notified about due payments

Email & SMS Notifications

Notify employees about their related actions and pending tasks

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