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Founded in Dubai, UAE, and expanded its presence to Egypt, Bahrain, KSA and Jordan. CorporateStack swiftly expanded its footprint to cater to regional needs. Our expertise lies in the development of cutting-edge digital transformation business applications.

At CorporateStack, our mission is to empower customers with a seamless and robust digital transformation journey, allowing them to actualize the full potential of their vision.

Trusted and distributed by leading telcos across the middle east.

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Runner-up at Dubai Smartpreneur Competition

CorporateStack started as the founder’s Master’s graduation project and was tested with a number of companies who absolutely loved it. This is when the CorporateStack team of talented and tech savvy engineers came together to create our 100% in-house developed solution. Here we are today leveraging the power of CorporateStack to empower hundreds of companies to bring out the best version of themselves thanks to the magical CorporateStack recipe. With our Co-Founder’s innovative future plans, CorporateStack will be taken to the next level and will provide unmatched AI-driven data analytics and insights that will truly keep you on top of things in your industry..Read the article

CIO Review 2020

Driven by a team of highly-skilled and tech-savvy engineers, today, CorporateStack has earned the moniker of one of the most reliable business solution providers in the UAE. With Mortada’s efficient leadership and Abdin’s innovative strategies, the company has cemented its goal to help companies find a smarter way to run their business. As organizations are increasingly turning toward automation and centralization of their workflows, CorporateStack is leveraging their technological prowess to empower hundreds of companies and help them bring out the best version of themselves..Read the article

Trusted and Recognized Regionally

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Trusted and Recognized Regionally

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