Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

CorporateStack is happy to help prospective  customers understand and use our system. To book a demo, please send us at email at Alternatively, send us a message from the contact us form. Our sales representative will contact you within 3 hours. 

Absolutely not! CorporateStack offers built-in comprehensive data migration tools that can get your business up and running within a day. Our data migration tools are easy to use and built with the customer in mind.

There is no minimum contract period with CorporateStack. We offer annual or monthly plan renewals. If your requirements increase after a year, we accommodate this by using a pay-as-you-go plan.  

You can request an upgrade through your admin plan at any point in time. Once the upgrade has been validated, you will receive an email with the new subscription information. 

We accept bank or cheque transfers, and online payment through Visa, Master card, and American Express. To know more, please contact us at

CorporateStack has different packages to suit whatsoever your company size. It starts from one user company three and goes up based on your chosen plan and team size. 

We realize that each company is unique, needing certain features matching its workflows and business line. Therefore, choosing a suitable package for your company’s business is essential for running your organization in a very successful way. Our team will be your consultant to advise which appropriate plan you need to pick. Contact our consultant now.

Yes we do, based on the company size and the number of users. We do offer as well, indirect discount like users upgrades and personalization sessions.

Yes, CorporateStack offers a uniquely designed program for startups and entrepreneurs that includes direct discounts and lifetime discounts for selected products.

CorporateStack is a business application with a flavor of a social media network interface. Suppose you are a computer and social media channels user; this is all you need.

Of course you can, in CorporateStack, the platform is designed to give an expert hand to you and your business to run your organization in an effect way, upgrade or downgrade your package is guaranteed option all the way.

Our products are built to keep up with the latest security standards. Being a cloud-based system, we minimize the risk of exposure to unwanted access.

Strong encryption standards secure data and information. Passwords and user accounts are encrypted to protect unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Decisive role and permission settings are enforced throughout the system to ensure that you can only access the available data.

CorporateStack ensures that all of its products are highly scalable. Our currently offered products are used by thousands of customers every day and can process millions of documents each day.

All CorporateStack products can support thousands of customers using it, with the ability to handle millions of transactions.

We designed a Digital Onboarding Tool, which will undertake the responsibility of migrating all customers’ existing information into the new platform.

The tool will undertake data cleaning, refactoring, and authentication to migrate it to CorporateStack’s products

CorporateStack was created with the end-users in mind. Our UX/UI teams ensure that our applications are as intuitive as possible. The employee’s training program takes the minimum amount of time possible with this support.

Based on our experience, it takes about 1 to 2 days to get familiar with the product. CorporateStack will provide remote and on-site training sessions in English and Arabic to ensure your employees are comfortable with our product.


  • Yes, all companies must join the system.

To organize the joining of all companies, the Tax Authority announced the application of the electronic system in three stages:

The first stage: This stage includes a group of major financiers, numbering 134 companies. It has already been completed and these companies have started issuing their electronic invoices.

The second stage: This stage includes a group of 347 companies, and these companies will start working on the electronic billing system in mid-February.

Then comes the third and final stage, and it is expected that all companies will join the system in mid-July 2021.

  • Through the e-mail of the Tax Authority,, the taxpayer can communicate to request inquiries, submit complaints, submit proposals, or request technical support in the event of a technical problem
  • Yes, the e-invoice scheme applies to reverse charge mechanism (RCM) transactions as well.

  • e-Invoicing currently applies to:

    • Supplies to registered persons (i.e., B2B supplies),
    • Supplies to SEZs (with/without payment of tax),
    • Exports (with/without payment of tax), and
    • Deemed exports, that are made by the notified class of taxpayers.


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