CRM vs. ERP: Differences & Which is Right to Support Your Business in UAE?

Looking to streamline your business operations, but confused between CRM vs ERP which one you should choose? Read the full post to understand what is the difference between CRM vs ERP . Also, find out what the right choice would be for your business.

Before you can choose between ERP software and CRM software, first you need to understand the difference between CRM vs ERP. Also, you need to under the various features CRM vs ERP offer.

CRM vs ERP Part 1: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are an essential part of any business. They are the sole reason your business exists. Therefore, you always need to think of client needs. CRM software allows companies to build client relationships. Essentially, CRM increases sales from existing customers and also helps to find new customers.

CRM software creates a better experience for everyone. Companies, clients, and prospective customers. In fact, CRM not only improves customer relations, but it also helps to create valuable relations.

The CRM software enhances how you connect with prospects, services prospects appropriately, and keeps customers satisfied and happy.

Ultimately, if customers are treated well, they become loyal customers. As a result, CRM will increase your long term profitability.

CRM software can be essential to multiple teams. The sales, marketing, customer service and management departments all benefit from CRM software.

Below is a list of features to look for in any top CRM software

  • Allows effective management of the sales pipeline.
  • Create a standard, logical version of the sales process.
  • Evaluate various customer attributes, mainly purchasing patterns.
  • Improve customer response times.
  • Automates and delivers marketing campaigns.
  • Promote productive, reliable customer support.
  • Remove repetitive tasks from workflow by automating them.
CRM vs ERP Part 2: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The purpose of ERP software is to reduce costs and overhead. This is done by making business processes more efficient. Firstly, ERP software increases visibility, reduces costs and streamlines processes.

ERP software helps to manage teams and analyze how efficient they are. As a result, ERP can help mitigate any inefficiencies in your organization.

Below is a list of features to look for in any ERP software

  • Monitor various information about business processes
  • Notify multiple teams appropriately when issues arise
  • Create and plan standardized strategies applied company-wide
  • Manage employees, payrolls, and other HR functions
  • Track orders, create quotes, alert and bill companies automatically
  • Manage resources, plan manufacturing and product supply chains
  • Alert appropriate employees at defined points during any process
  • Integrate employment forums and recruiting with HR systems
CRM vs ERP – Which is more suitable for you?

CRM vs ERP can be a difficult question. The ERP software is typically aimed towards larger enterprises. On the other hand, CRM software is typically more suitable for smaller businesses. These businesses need to target their customers effectively, and build new customer relations.

Multiple divisions that need to work together to produce products can result in several inefficiencies. The ERP software can streamline processes that reduce the cost of each sale made.

When making a decision, three main factors should be considered;

  • Company needs
  • Amount willing to be invested
  • Scale of software

Firstly, CRM vs ERP both target drastically different needs. CRM allows more customers to be captured, ERP allows costs to be cut. Secondly, typically ERP softwares has a much larger scale than CRM softwares. As a result, CRM tends to be cheaper than ERP. Lastly, ERP systems require a large scale organization to be truly effective. CRM can be effective for both small and large scale businesses.

CorporateStack offers both ERP software and CRM software for businesses in UAE, Middle East and GCC. Our ERP software is a series of integrated modules. These modules work together with each other seamlessly. This provides users with an unparalleled ERP experience.

If your organization does not require the full suite of ERP software, Then, we also offer our CRM module separately. Our CRM module fulfills all of the functions mentioned above and more. However, if additional functionality is required, then our ERP software integrates perfectly with the CRM module.

You may still be unsure about CRM vs ERP. Also, the correct option for your company between CRM vs ERP. Contact us today and we would love to help you decide. Please send us an email at We will get back to you as soon as we can.