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CorporateStack CRM software offers powerful capabilities to manage all aspect of your sales automation, lead management, invoice & payment collection, all in a single CRM solution

CorporateStack CRM Introduction Page

Sufficient awareness and effective management of your sales are essential for business success.

CorporateStack CRM lets you manage and monitor every single aspect of your sales starting with leads up to sales orders, invoices, and payments collection.

Get statistical insights with interactive dashboards and track the small details that matter.

Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Customers & Contatcs
Interactive Dashboards
Create, Revise & Send Quotations
Quotation Digital Approval
Multiple Sales Teams & Targets
Activity Logger
Monthly / Weekly Overview
Sales Orders and Invoices
Advanced Project Management
Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns

Lead Management

Every sale starts with a lead. Manage your leads consistently so you don’t accumulate those business cards in your drawer.

Met a prospect? Got a business card from a potential customer? Add them all to your leads list where they belong.

Send bulk emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages to your leads in a few seconds.

CorporateStack CRM Leads List
CorporateStack CRM Opportunities List

Opportunity Management

CorporateStack CRM empowers you to effectively manage your opportunities based on customizable opportunity stages so you can always see the big picture.

Keep track of every opportunity in your sales pipeline, get reminded to take actions based on your preferences, and collaborate with your team using one of the most trusted business tools on the market.

Customers & Contacts

CorporateStack CRM lets you track and maintain your customers and contacts for successful communication.

Always feel organized and avoid duplicate customer entries with the help of smart duplication detection.

Get full details on your customers’ history including active opportunities, orders, invoices, and payments.

CorporateStack CRM Customer Details
CorporateStack CRM Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

Get statistical insights and bring your data to life so you can always see the big picture.

Monitor your sales performance and detect pipeline bottlenecks by monitoring how long opportunities take to progress through the different stages.

Track how well your leads are converting to customers, the quality of your leads sources, and drive your existing website visitors and your social media leads to your leads list.

Create, Revise & Send Quotations

Easily create quotations with options to use predefined templates or clone existing quotations to save time.

Create multiple revisions of your quotations and track all changes between them so you never feel lost.

Once your quotation is approved, you can email it directly to your customer with a click of a button.

CorporateStack CRM Quotation Form
CorporateStack CRM Quotation Print

Quotation Digital Approval

Add your digital signature and company stamp to your quotations with a click of a button. You can approve your teams’ quotations from anywhere using the mobile app.

CorporateStack CRM allows you to export your customized quotations to multiple formats with the look and feel you desire.


Anywhere. Anytime.

With CorporateStack CRM mobile app, you can now work from anywhere using your preferred smartphone.

Salespersons can log their daily activities such as meetings and notes. They can view their daily, weekly, and monthly actions and get nofied about due actions.

Supervisors can approve quotations, assign tasks to their team, and more using our native mobile app.

Multiple Sales Teams & Targets

CorporateStack CRM lets you organize your salespersons in teams based on the services they sell.

Define your sales teams and assign team leaders and sales targets to them and track the budgeted vs the actual sales.

Get an accurate insight on your sales performance among your teams on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

CorporateStack CRM Team Target
CorporateStack Activity Log

Activity Logger

Let your team leaders monitor their salespersons’ daily activities with ease.

Salespersons can log their next actions and daily activities such as meetings, emails, calls, etc.

With options to plan for future activities, your salespeople will receive automatic reminders before the due date so they never miss an action.

Monthly / Weekly Overview

Get insights on how your salespersons are performing using a single interactive report.

Know how many new customers or opportunities are created by each salesperson weekly. Click on the activity to dig deeper and get full details about it.

You can print or export this interactive report to the format you want.

CorporateStack CRM Weekly Report
CorporateStack Finance Invoice

Sales Orders and Invoices

Extend your sales cycle beyond your sales pipeline. With CorporateStack CRM you will be able to generate sales orders, invoices, and receipt vouchers.

Track your collections and monitor your aging report. Notify your customers about due payments through automated emails or SMS messages.

Advanced Project Management

With an advanced project management system, you can set your budget and your actual monthly cost to keep an eye on your planned margin and profit.

Set milestones and tasks for your team and get notified about delayed tasks.

When combined with CorporateStack Finance, you can manage your projects’ purchases and deliveries.

CorporateStack Project Center
CorporateStack CRM Email Campaign

Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns

Get in touch with all your customers and leads through CorporateStack’s Email and SMS Campaigns.

Just design your email with the built-in HTML tool and reach all your customers and leads with the click of a button.

CorporateStack CRM also lets you create SMS Campaigns so you can message all your customers at once.

All CorporateStack CRM features
are available for all plans

Startup, Small & Enterprise Business Plans


Up To5Users
  • All Features
  • Office Collaboration
  • 2 Hours Consultancy
  • 1-Day Implementation
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Monthly/Annual Subscription

Small Business

Up To50users
  • All Features
  • Office Collaboration
  • 5 Hours Consultancy
  • 3-Days Implementation
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Annual Subscription


  • All Features
  • Office Collaboration
  • 10 Hours Consultancy
  • 5-Days Implementation
  • Cloud / On-Premise Hosting
  • Annual Subscription

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