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Powerful Solution to Manage
all invoicing and taxation needs.
CRM Solution

Powerful Solution to Manage all invoicing and taxation needs.

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CRM Solution

CS E-Invoice Solution

CorporateStack e-Invoice software offers your business a powerful solution to manage all invoicing and taxation needs. We combine customers, contacts, product lists, and invoices to give you a streamlined solution for your business. We integrate with the E-Tax Agency to give you the ability to submit invoices directly from the system
Fully Complied with tax authorities

E-Invoice Solution

Ditch paper, join the future! Egypt’s #1 e-invoice platform, CorporateStack, streamlines your business with instant digital invoicing, attracting customers and simplifying tax compliance. Get in-depth insights and manage everything effectively – products, invoices, and peace of mind. Start today!

Invoice Management

CorporateStack E-Invoice is the invoice management software that allows you to manage effectively and consistently. Keep track of all of your invoices for the projects you have worked on previously. Easily check invoice status and follow-up with customers directly from within the system. Decrease your chances of missed/late payments. With CorporateStack E-Invoice, you can send bulk emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages to your customers in a few seconds.

Customers & Contacts

CorporateStack E-Invoice lets you track and communicate with your customers and contacts for successful bonding. Always feel organized and avoid duplicate customer entries with the help of smart duplication detection. Get full details on your customers’ history including active invoices, deferred payments, and delayed invoices.

Create, Revise & Send Invoices

Easily create invoices with various options to use predefined templates or clone existing invoices. Create multiple sales invoices versions and track them to detect their differences in various stages and verticals. Once your invoice is paid for, you can send it directly to the government with just one click.

Invoice Digital Approval

Add your digital signature and company stamp to your invoices seamlessly. You can simply approve your teams’ invoices from the desktop software or the mobile app. CorporateStack E-Invoice solution allows you to export your customized invoices to multiple formats with the look and feel you desire.

A Solution You Can Rely on​

Elevate your efficiency with our multi-level approvals and automated processes, coupled with deep reporting insights, scalability, and unwavering security.
Multi-Level Approvals​
& Roles​
Cloud &
Cloud &
Interactive Dashboards & Reports​

Gain Visibility & Control
with CS CRM

Elevate your company’s sales performance with CS CRM that provides unparalleled visibility and control. Seamlessly manage and monitor every part of your sales process, from leads to sales orders and invoices, ensuring comprehensive oversight and strategic control.
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