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How HR Software Can Boost Small Business Productivity

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How HR Software Can Boost Small Business


Human resources are an integral part of any organization as they are the employees daily but the effort to make things happen.

However, managing HR activities becomes a very hefty task without the right tools, which can seriously hurt your company’s productivity. Relying on paper-based systems is not the way to go during this age and time.

Such primitive systems make all HR activities much more complicated than they should be. They provide no organization and structure, allowing for vast room for human error. Thanks to human resource management systems or HRMS for short, paper-based HR management has become a thing of the past.

An HRMS is a system that fully facilitates and automates HR activities from storing employees’ information to processing all employee requests. Hundreds of service providers offer HR management systems with different features and varying levels of complexity. Therefore, it only makes sense to compare all of the available HR management systems side by side to pick the one that best suits your needs ultimately.

While there can be huge variations between different HR management systems, there remains a set of core features expected to be part of any HR system.

What features should you expect to find in a comprehensive HRMS?

Document Store

This feature is essential and a key to the success of organizations regardless of size. Having a document store feature means that the HRMS will be a one-stop shop for storing all kinds of official documents and offering ultimate peace of mind.

These documents can either be for the organization itself or its employees. The document store feature is not limited to storing the documents but correctly associating them with the corresponding employees and, most importantly, sending reminders to HR personnel when a document is about to expire.

This means that having an HRMS guarantees that no deadlines are missed, and the documents are continuously renewed on time to avoid penalties and ensure the ultimate peace of mind. Moreover, this also boosts productivity and allows organizations to focus on what matters.

Leave Management

This is another excellent feature that seriously helps optimize the process by which employees request their leaves.

Without an HRMS, an employee would have to go through a lot of back and forth communication to approve their leaves. This is usually very unstructured and takes much longer than HRMS.

Leave management in an HRMS allows employees to request their leaves using a self-service portal, in addition to having those leaves approved by their reporting managers through a specific workflow that the company can define.

The whole process will be complemented with notifications that would notify both the employee and their manager whenever it is time to take action regarding a specific task.

HR Letters

HR letters include:

  • Documents like salary certificates.
  • Proof of employment.
  • There are several other documents that almost all employees need a few times each month to complete any formal paperwork.

However, as simple as they sound and despite having templates for all of these letters, processing them for employees without an HRMS is a very tedious task. Therefore, an HRMS with digital HR letters feature is essential for boosting productivity and simplifying the process.

All templates needed for those HR letters are stored in the HRMS, and an employee uses the self-service portal to request an HR letter and wait for the approval.

Once the approval is granted, the HR letter can be generated with the click of a button. Luckily enough, CorporateStack HRMS is a robust HR software in the UAE and the rest of the GCC and offers this time-saving feature.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is one of the most, if not the most time-consuming, tasks for an HR department. Nonetheless, it is also very susceptible to errors as it involves processing many numbers and account balances.

Carrying out this task manually is like digging a tunnel using a spoon. A powerful HRMS system must offer a payroll processing module that links employees’ leave days, salaries, loans, etc. together, for a seamless payroll processing experience.

CorporateStack HRMS is a tailored HR software for Dubai, UAE, and the GCC specifically. This means that it was developed with the region’s calculations in mind, which is an advantage that is not widely available by other service providers.

Talent Acquisition

Acquiring new talent and keeping a pool of potential applicants is integral to any HR department. This is the process by which new employees are hired, and without the right tool, this process that may seem simple at first can become chaotic.

A talent acquisition feature allows the HR department to track and monitor all available applicants with all of their details stored and available for viewing as soon as they’re needed.

Applicants can also go through qualification stages starting from when they first apply, to being shortlisted, all the way to hire. This feature provides a structured method of screening applicants and their CVs.


Having a birds-eye view of all HR-related activities is extremely important for boosting the efficiency of a small business.

Businesses of smaller sizes (and even large companies) need a lot of visibility over their organization to have the information that would allow them to make the right decisions.

Therefore, a powerful HRMS must offer an interactive dashboard display of statistical charts. CorporateStack HRMS provides handy, clickable dashboards that take HR visibility to the next level and is genuinely the HR management software for the UAE.

Therefore, a powerful HRMS must offer an interactive dashboard feature that displays statistical charts. In fact, CorporateStack HRMS provides a set of very useful clickable dashboards that takes HR visibility to the next level and is truly the HR management software for the UAE.


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