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Sales & CRM

The ultimate sales tool for your business

Human Resources

The unmatched HRMS tailored for the region

Purchasing & Inventory

A robust purchasing and inventory management system

Asset Management

A powerful and user friendly asset management system

Project Management

The tool you need to manage your projects and resources

Office Collaboration

Unlock your employees' potential and improve collaboration


Create and manage your leads in an efficient and easy way


Manage your sales pipeline using one of the most trusted business tools in the market


Create, print and send rich quotations with the ability to create multiple revisions

Customers & Contacts

Maintain all your customers' information including documents, notes, and tasks

Sales Orders & Invoices

Manage your sales orders and invoices to complement your sales cycle

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Payments & Notifications

Track your payments in a timely manner and get notified about due payments

Email & SMS Campaigns

Take your CRM to the next level by leveraging the power of our Email & SMS campaigns

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Sales & CRM

Managing the sales pipeline well is key for feeling more organized and being in control of your organization’s sales figures. On the other hand, generating and prospecting leads is a critical activity that needs to be given a high priority. CorporateStack will help your organization improve its performance in each area of its sales cycle .

CorporateStack CRM is built to accomodate organizations with different needs to help them operate their business effectively. You can create multiple teams and separate them from each other. This enables organizations to use CorporateStack for different business lines and different sales departments within the same organization.

Managing your opportunities and proposals have never been easier. Create your complex quotations in few minutes with your defined templates that save tremendous amount of effort and time.

Managing and qualifying leads made easy with the Lead Scoring feature that allows you classify your leads based on defined criteria.

Maintain your customers' information including their opportunities and the key contacts, documents, notes, and tasks.

Create sales orders, invoices, and keep track of payments. Set actions and reminders to track your payment in a timely manner.

Collaborate with your sales team by sharing, commenting and setting actions that are linked to their To-Do list automatically.

Human Resources

With CorporateStack HR you can manage the different aspects of your HR needs all in one solution. Easily structure your organization using drag and drop, or import your existing employees' list using our smart import tool that will automatically define your organizational structure.

With Employees-Self-Services, employees can make various requests that are submitted to the HR department with a defined approval workflow. The Leave Management tool tracks your employees leave balances and calculates the remaining days balances as per the defined policy.

Payroll processing is one of the most needed and time-consuming tasks that all companies do. With bulk processing and full integration between the Leave Management tool and the Employees Profiles, all employees leaves, additions and deductions are linked to the Payroll module.

With CorporateStack documents and expiry management, you will never miss any renewal. Whether it's a company-related document such as trade licenses or office renewal or an employee-related document such as passports and visa, CorporateStack will manage the whole process for you and will make sure that the right person is notified at the right time.


Personal, work, salary, insurance and documents expiry details are stored for each employee

Leave Management

Set one or more approval levels for the leave requests workflow

Employees Self Services

Employees can request various types of letters such as a salary certificates and more

Payroll Processing

Fully manage your payroll, overtime, absences and deductions through the system

Documents Expiry

Expired documents are detected automatically by the system based on a defined alert schedule

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HR can post an announcement that appears to all employees on their homepages

CV Bank

Keep track of the received CVs, publish vacancies and share your comments on candidates

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Suppliers & Products

Manage all of your suppliers and your different product categories

Purchase Orders

Create, approve and manage purchase orders

Inventory Management

Control deliveries, transfers, and consumptions of your stock items

Warehouses & Approval

Control all transactions between warehouses and projects with a defined workflow approval

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Dashboards & Reports

Customize the reports and the dashboard as per your needs

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Purchasing & Inventory

With CorporateStack Purchasing and Inventory, stay in full control over your procurement department. Manage your suppliers with all of their contact details and any related agreements.

Define your product categories and types, and link them to your suppliers. Tweak the details of each of your products based on its type to capture all the needed information.

Create your purchase orders that are subject to a defined workflow. Generate printable purchase orders that can be sent directly to your suppliers including a digital signature of the authorized person, and your company stamp.

With CorporatesStack Purchasing and Inventory, you can easily manage deliveries, transfer your stock items between your projects and your warehouses.

Increase the visibility over your operations by generating customized reports and dashboards.

Project Management

With CorporateStack Project Management, all your project resources, overheads, -related contracts and documents are managed in one place. You can generate and print advanced reports about your projects progress, track completion and much more.

Track and issue invoices and manage your payments. Set milestones and tasks to your team and get notified upon certain actions that you define.

One of the advantages of CorporateStack Project Management that it's fully integrated with CorporateStack CRM. This enables a salesperson to create the projects directly from the awarded opportunities and get full visibility on the project as well as the originating opportunity.

Project Resources

Set resources, calculate projects overheads such as manpower, equipment, material, etc.

Invoices & Payments

Track invoices and payments of each job with an automatic notifications based on the agreed payment terms

Cost & Milestones

Define milestones for each project including the timeline of processes and the cost in each stage

Agreements & Contracts

Have all your project related contracts and documents stored in one place

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Tasks & Activities

Set tasks for your team and monitor their activities.

Project Management
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Asset Store

Assets can be assigned to different locations, and locations are defined based on employee, branch, store or project locations

Asset Maintenance

Track maintenance history of each asset in addition to depreciation and repair cost

Renewals and Warranties

Keep track of all renewals, asset documents, warranties and even set expiry alerts

Asset Tracking

Keep track of asset locations and previous history assignments at any point in time

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Stores & Projects

Assign your assets to projects, warehouses or a maintenance store with an option to enforce your approval policy

Asset Management
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Asset Management

CorporateStack Asset Management provides your organization with complete control over your assets. Starting from controlling the inventory of the different asset types, tracking of asset ownership and location to managing maintenance, renewal & expiry.

Whether you are managing general assets such as office assets, vehicles, properties, a construction site or factory assets, you will always be in control and manage it smoothly.

With the approval workflow, you are able to enforce certain process for moving your assets in and out of your warehouses and stores.

Office Collaboration

CorporateStack includes a set of tools that allow employees to co-operate efficiently within an organization. Productivity is improved by helping employees share business-related information in a friendly and efficient manner.

Whether you are working on a sales-related task such as a quotation, a sales order, or a procurement-related task like a purchase order or a delivery, you can always collaborate with your team by sharing, commenting or setting actions related to your tasks.

Managers and employees can take “group chats” to the next level with “group tasks” where multiple employees can be assigned a task to work on collaboratively.

With CorporateStack Documents feature, important documents will always be available for employees anytime, anywhere.

All of these powerful collaboration features come built-in by default in all of our products.

Reminders & Actions

Never miss work related activities with CorporateStack reminders and actions


Admins can assign tasks to their teams, monitor completion, and progress


Messaging is a handy tool that enhances collaboration between your employees


Publish events and albums to employees' homepages

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Cloud Documents

Store all of your frequently accessed documents in one shared place

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