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Project Management Software

CorporateStack’s Project Management software offers your business a powerful tool to help track and monitor the full lifecycle of your projects from kickoff to handover. Control all your budgets, costs, margins, and milestones under one umbrella.

Project Management Solution

With CorporateStack’s Project Management Software you no longer need to waste time trying to gather all the information and use several tools to keep track of your projects. Track and monitor everything, from start to finish, without having to worry.

A tool designed to assist you in drafting, organizing, and handle your project and your team’s work.

It’s a harmonious solution to project management for both project managers and team members.

Track Progress Effortlessly
Scope Of Work
Simplified Communication
Interactive Dashboards
Seamless Collaboration
Budgeting & Cost

Track Progress Effortlessly

With CorporateStack’s project management software, you can track your project’s progress easily. Save time by simply checking your phone and find real-time status updates, feedback, files, etc.

Get an updated view of your project so that your project manager can easily stay on top of the schedule, using in-app notifications.

Meet task deadlines in an efficient manner without any unnecessary delays.

Detailed Project Report

Observe who’s handling your project, the current total quotation, costs accrued, and the current status of the project. No need to waste time gathering information relevant to your project.

Keep track of necessary equipment and resources relevant to the project scope. Eliminate any irrelevant expenses by tracking what is being utilized efficiently.


Simplified Communication

Manage all conversations with team members, clients, and suppliers in one place and be able to interact with your team.

Access all project-related information in a timely manner

Interactive Dashboard

With built-in interactive charts, you can have an outlook view on the different tasks and milestones your project has reached.

Track costs and team progress across your portfolio.

Dig deeper into your charts by simply clicking on interactive elements to view more details.

Cloud-Based Project Management

With CorporateStack’s cloud-based project management solution, you can now follow up on your projects and tasks using any device, anywhere.

Projects can now be tracked, monitored, and managed on the go, without hassle. Team members have easy access to all project-related information directly from their phones.

Seamless Collaboration

Blur the lines of remote and physical work by having all team members working together, regardless of location and time zone.

Team members can discuss tasks, brainstorm ideas, and understand who’s in charge of what.

CorporateStack’s Project Management Software can be integrated with the rest of our product line.

Budgeting & Cost

Set your budget early on and add costs and expenses included in your project. Regularly check actual cost reached and categorize it accordingly.

All features of CorporateStack’s Project Management
are available for all plans

The Best Project Management Software for Startup, Small & Enterprise Businesses


Up To100projects
  • All Features
  • 2 Hours Consultancy
  • 1-Day Implementation
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Monthly/Annual Subscription

Small Business

Up To250projects
  • All Features
  • 5 Hours Consultancy
  • 3-Days Implementation
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Annual Subscription


Up To500projects
  • All Features
  • 10 Hours Consultancy
  • 5-Days Implementation
  • Cloud / On-Premise Hosting
  • Annual Subscription

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