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Top 10 CRM Software Solutions In the UAE

  • top 10 CRM software in UAE

Top 10 CRM Software Solutions In the UAE

Every year, a large number of businesses and brands across the world are investing in the UAE due to its beneficial government policies and support of the private sector. If you are operating a small or enterprise-level business in the UAE, managing your business using a cloud CRM has become a serious need. Therefore, we have compiled the list of top 10 CRM software in UAE.

CRM (customer relationship management) software enables you to manage and store details of your customer and sales activities all in one place.

Besides sales, a CRM also benefits other departments of your business such as marketing, customer service, etc.

If you are planning on purchasing a cloud CRM software, then you have come to the right place.

With a wide number of CRM software available in the UAE, it might be overwhelming for you to decide the best one for your business.

We at CorporateStack, have conducted in-depth research and found the most trusted CRM software in UAE. Hence, in this blog, we will walk you through all of them one by one.

Here is the list of some of the most popular CRM software in the UAE;

CorporateStack CRM

CorporateStack CRM software in UAE

CRM Product
CorporateStack CRM is widely used in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and GCC countries . The main purpose of the cloud based CRM software is to assist businesses in holding a healthy relationship with their customers.

It emphasizes more on sales automation, contacts, lead management, opportunities, invoices & payment collection, all in a single CRM solution. All the details about the customers and documents associated with the business are kept in a single CRM and can be utilized when needed.

management.Several key features of CorporateStack CRM are customer & sales management, renewals, payments etc.

Zoho CRM

CRM software in Dubai

Zoho is one of the well-known CRM Software, not only in the UAE but also around the globe. The CRM software is especially developed so that you can gain, retain, and fulfill the demands of your customers. Its main purpose is marketing, sales, and support.

Zoho understands that all businesses have different needs and therefore, they have created a CRM software considering the needs of every business. It also offers customization whenever required, based on the needs of the business. Zoho offers different pricing plans according to the type of business.

Leadsquared CRM

CRM in Middle East

Leadsquared CRM is a popular CRM software in the UAE after Zoho. This CRM software works well in case of forming leads, automating, and handling them. It can also be regarded as the only customer relationship requirement software you need for your business.

Leadsquared CRM possesses all the essential features through which a business can capture, manage, and monitor all their activities from a single place. Moreover, it provides sales tracking options with the help of which you can function as per business requirements and marketing analytics.

Freshsales CRM

Cloud CRM software in UAE

Looking for a CRM software that helps to enhance productivity, offers better customization & collaboration options? Then Freshsales is a good option. You can do a lot of using freshsales such as create email templates, workflow automation, event tracking, custom sales activities, etc.

It offers different packages as per the kind of business and its requirements. Moreover, it makes it suitable for companies of any size to deal with its day to day operations.

Coral CRM

Coral CRM is a fully customizable CRM software according to the needs of the users. One of the most remarkable features of this CRM is user wise information & monitoring. With this feature, you obtain user wise information & also track and check the productivity of all the salespersons.

It offers 24*7 customer care support, so you can contact them anytime you want. Here, all the essential details are saved in the software & it offers notifications continuously.

Salesforce CRM

CRM Solution Dubai

Salesforce CRM is one of the leading CRM software used by companies in UAE. This software is right for businesses of every size. It however provides limited customization compared to CorporaeteStack CRM

Nonetheless, it consists of all the features that you expect from a CRM. With Salesforce, you will get features depending on the amount you are willing to pay.

Hubspot CRM

CRM solution Middle East

Hubspot CRM allows you to track prospects & sales, schedule meetings, and get updates regularly through its simple yet effective dashboard. The dashboard provides a wide number of filters using which you can check contacts and leads, monitor consumer interactions & save calls, send required emails and messages to prospects as well as customers.

It allows you to create contact and company profiles and manage all of them from one place. Also, all the members of the organization have access to their own dashboard for current as well as upcoming business activities.

WhitehatsCloud CRM

CRM System UAE

WhitehatsCloud is a fully-functional CRM that allows you to look after the sales pipeline, check various opportunities down the road, and offer prompt follow-ups. The CRM software is developed considering the relationship of a business with the customer.

Using this CRM, you can assign customers to particular team members and store records of the follow-ups. It allows you to add or remove modules as per your business requirements. Lastly, this CRM ensures better flexibility and scalability.


CRM system UAE

piCRM is a well-known CRM software in UAE. The main purpose of this CRM is to find the right prospect at the right time and build a healthy relationship with them.

piCRM allows you to set up, monitor, and grow your sales pipeline simultaneously. Moreover, you obtain better perceptions about all the leads and track deals efficiently so that you can plan and build customer relationships. Managers and agents have complete visibility of all the phases of the sales journey.

vCita CRM

CRM solution Middle East

vCita CRM offers all the essential things so that you can handle business clients and contacts with ease. It provides some core features like email marketing, lead generation, and immediate collaboration.

Apart from the above, the CRM software enables you to look after booking, marketing, and appointments efficiently.

vCita CRM provides a single app for all kinds of customer interactions. Using this CRM, entire data belonging to clients, leads, and contacts are backed up on a private cloud that one can instantly access anytime via the internet.


We hope that our list of top 10 CRM software for UAE was helpful. Here, it would be best if you choose a CRM considering the requirements of your business and the budget constraints. All of the CRM solutions mentioned above are widely used in the UAE, so make a smart choice and pick the one that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for an advanced, user friendly and highly customizable and flexible CRM software for your business or organization, then CorporateStack CRM is your best bet. Our award winning CRM solution ensures effective management of your business and critical sales processes.

CorporateStack CRM Dashboards

CorporateStack Sales & CRM Software lets you manage and monitor every single aspect of your sales starting with leads up to sales orders, invoices, and payments collection.

CorporateStack CRM

A product for every business need

Perfectly fits with different industries

The ultimate tool for your company to control the complete sales cycle.

The super HR manager that every company needs.

The tool you need to keep an eye on your assets and maintenance.

Monitor your company’s financial state and health at a glance.

Build harmony between your business functions and enjoy full visibility.

We proudly use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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