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What is HRMS?

CorporateStack HRMS enables you to list your claims daily, weekly, send them for approval and get them paid in the next payroll month with just a few clicks
What is HRMS

A human resource management system (HRMS) is a form of human resource (HR) and a system through which the process of managing human resources is facilitated.

It is one of the most important things to have in any company, in order to ensure employee participation, fair practices at the company level, and thus maintain the overall health of the organization. In this article we will talk about what HRMS is and its importance as well as how CorporateStack HRMS can help you meet your requirements.

What is HRMS?

HRMS is an acronym for Human Resource Management System that companies use to combine a number of essential HR functions. Companies use HR software to bring together a number of necessary HR functions that ensure fair practices are conducted at the company level.

Such as storing employee data, managing payroll, hiring, managing employee performance, and tracking training records and competencies. Therefore, HRMS ensures that daily HR operations can be easily managed and accessed, through an integrated data processing system.

What are the functions of HRMS?

There is great importance for human resource management systems, as they play a vital role in achieving the goals of the organization. And that is by providing all the tools and technology required in all areas related to human resources.

This ensures the effectiveness of management orientations and decisions regarding employees in the organization. And the regulation of relations between management and employees in the organization and other important functions.

The following are a number of points clarifying the tasks of HRMS:

  • Personnel management.
  • Payroll management
  • HR Planning
  • Learning management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Payroll scheduling and management
  • Absence and attendance management.
  • Handling grievances by following precedents
  • Automation of payroll processes.
  • Issuance of salary reports.
  • Maintain employee records.
  • Follow up on talent management.
  • Analyze the use of employees within the organization.
  • Identify potential applicants.
  • Compliance management.
  • Achieving the overall quality of human performance.
  • Solve problems related to working personnel.
  • Making the most of human potential.
  • Achieving the ethical dimension in dealing with employees.

HR Management System & Payroll Software

CorporateStack provides you with the most effective HR management system, which will enable you to ensure compliance issues, and other aspects of your HR activities easily and efficiently.

Through this system, you can store your employees’ information as well as store all documents related to the company. The HRMS offered to you by CorporateStack is the best in UAE, which has proven its worth in overall human resource management.

the most important services that CorporateStack HRMS :

  • HR Management System & Payroll Software.
  • Seamless Time Attendance Integration.
  • HR & Payroll Software.
  • Reports, Digital Payslips, Gratuity, WPS Payroll and more.
  • HR System with Leave Management.
  • Digital Clock-In.
  • HR Letters.
  • Documents Store.
  • HR Management Software with Talent Acquisition (Careers).
  • Interactive Dashboards.
  • HR System with Company Setup.

Therefore, CorporateStack provides you with all the features that you might look for in human resource management software with various plans that suit your budget and requirements in one place.