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Why You Need a Good Cloud Based HR System for Your Organization

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Why You Need a Good Cloud Based HR System for Your Organization

Managing your HR activities without the right set of tools can be a very intimidating and time-consuming task. Are you ending up with piles and piles of messy HR-related papers at the end of each week?

Do you feel extremely disorganized and not in control? All of these are signs of poor HR management. Paper-based systems that do not rely on technology are no longer the recommended way to take care of your HR activities. It’s the 21st century and there’s got to be a better way to get things done don’t you think?

Say hello to cloud-based Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS). Cloud-based HRMS systems are basically HR management tools that are hosted on the cloud meaning that you do not need to install any software to access them.

Which makes it extremely convenient to run and manage your HR activities. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. The benefits mentioned above were nothing but scratching the surface.

Cloud-based HR management tools have a huge number of benefits that literally make them irresistible. You’ll wonder you haven’t gotten your hands on one all of these years.

Below are the key benefits to using a cloud-based HRMS:

1. Flexibility and convenience

Cloud-based HR management systems are hosted on the cloud and therefore can be accessed from anywhere and using any device. This makes it a lot easier to manage HR activities from one centralized place.

2. Consistency and compliance

Cloud-based HR management systems allow you to set strict rules and templates to make sure that every single HR activity related to your company meets the desired quality standards and is fully compliant with your company rules. For example, all salary certificates, proof of employment letters, etc. can all look identical and consistent all throughout your organization.

3. Efficiency

Cloud HR systems have another great benefit and that is the fact that they allow you to significantly cut your HR activities processing times. A simple example is that you can create HR letter templates just once, and then generate them an unlimited number of times with the click of a button.

Another process that usually takes the most time is payroll processing. However, when it comes to cloud-based HR management systems, you can cut your payroll processing time and more importantly avoid human errors. Payroll processing becomes almost entirely automated with a cloud-based HRMS. An example of this is CorporateStack HRMS which provides an impeccable HR payroll management system.

4. Regional compliance

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a cloud-based HRMS that tailors your instance based on the region you operate in, you can enjoy endless compliance advantages. CorporateStack HRMS is an example of a tailored HR system for Dubai, UAE, and GCC.

5. Enhanced experience for employees

Cloud-based HR management makes life easier for all of your employees. In the old days, an employee had to chase HR personnel daily for getting their HR activities taken care of. For example, an employee needed an HR letter proving their employment in the organization, they would normally need to find the email of someone from HR, and message them requesting an HR letter. They would then somehow need to involve the person they report to for approval.

However using cloud-based HR systems, the process of requesting HR letters becomes just a few clicks away. Powerful HR management systems also have some sort of approval workflow that would automatically notify the designated HR personnel, in addition to the requesting employee’s line manager for automated approval.

6. Security

Using a cloud-based HRMS provides a much higher level of security and data integrity in comparison to paper-based systems. User authentication is always required and security roles and permissions can be configured to make sure that employees can only access the information they are authorized to view.

7. Affordability

The fact that cloud-based HR management systems are hosted in the cloud by service providers, they can be offered to organizations at very affordable prices thanks to the mighty SaaS model that enables multi-tenancy on physical service provider servers. CorporateStack HRMS is a powerful, robust, and affordable cloud-based HRMS that can take your HR department to the next level.

8. Reporting

Due to the fact that all HR activities are automated and digitized by using a cloud-based HRMS, you can have great visibility over the efficiency and health of your HR department with the help of reporting capabilities.

This means that you can have instant access to beautifully designed charts and graphs that give you very useful insights about your organization. Advanced HR management systems take these reporting capabilities to the next level by creating interactive clickable charts that let you dig deeper into analytics offering you even more visibility over your organization and employees.

9. Customizability

This advantage is not always found with many cloud-based HR management systems, but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a cloud-based HRMS that offers a high degree of customizability, you can have a very enhanced HR experience.

CorporateStack is a great example of a highly customizable HRMS that dynamically adapts to your organization and your management style.

10. Reminders

A decent cloud-based HRMS must have a reliable reminders module that always reminds you whenever a document is about to expire. During the onboarding phase, you upload all of your HR-related documents whether those of your employees, or documents that are related to your organizations’ entity.

The cloud-based HRMS then keeps track of your documents’ expiry dates and reminds you whenever a document is about to expire.

Using a cloud-based HRMS is the smartest way to run your HR activities in this competitive time and age. Paper-based HR systems do not provide the desired level of consistency or flexibility and therefore, cloud-based HR systems are the next big thing.

If you’re looking for a reputed cloud-based HR system in UAE, Dubai, and GCC? Then Get in touch with us, We at CorporateStack provide tailored made HR and Payroll systems for businesses of all sizes.

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