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CorporateStack Team - Smartpreneur Competition

CIOReview 2020

Top Technology Companies in the UAE

Driven by a team of highly-skilled and tech-savvy engineers, today, CorporateStack has earned the moniker of one of the most reliable business solution providers in the UAE. With Mortada’s efficient leadership and Abdin’s innovative strategies, the company has cemented its goal to help companies find a smarter way to run their business. As organizations are increasingly turning toward automation and centralization of their workflows, CorporateStack is leveraging their technological prowess to empower hundreds of companies and help them bring out the best version of themselves….

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From an MBA Graduation Project

To a Successful Startup with Massive Growth

Mohamed Abdin is the co-founder of CorporateStack who graduated in 2019 and confirms that his MBA experience was “100% linked to CorporateStack”. Reflecting on his MBA experience, Mohamed highlights the impact of specific courses on his experience and on the evolution of CorporateStack. He specifically mentions Accounting in Business and Corporate Finance, through which he learned about different financial concepts and theories and how to build a healthy business short and long term investment plans for the company. He believes this knowledge is one of the reasons that CorporateStack has received offers from five investors over the last two years, alone…

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That was one of the easiest migrations I have ever performed.
Bilal Al Anani, CEO - Waseela

The whole suite works seamlessly. It’s a joy to use for day-to-day tasks.

Zaidoun Arabd, CEO - EliteVAD